A NOTORIOUS troublemaker has reappeared in Swindon.

A long-term ban is now being sought on troubled Somali man Abdi Muse, after he pleaded guilty to breaching his interim Anti-Social Behaviour Order by returning to Broadgreen, a district he is barred from.

Mr Muse terrorised businesses and residents in Broadgreen with his abusive behaviour, racking up dozens of arrests for petty drunken offences.

He was jailed in December, and slapped with a short-term interim ASBO.

It banned him from handling drink anywhere in Swindon, and forbade him from entering Broadgreen even while sober.

After his release, anti-social behaviour in the area dropped by 47 per cent, and the police believed that he had moved to Bristol.

But now acting sergeant Mike Diffin said he had reappeared in an apparent effort to “test the water”.

Acting sgt Diffin said: “In a way I’m quite happy he’s reappeared. It gives us something to take this forward and protect the community.

“There was always a chance he’d come back and try and test the waters; reappear and see what happens.

“The police officer did a cracking job. He was picked up pretty much as soon as he was back in Swindon.

“We required a breach of some description to go for a full ASBO.

“So in a way, as much as I wouldn’t want someone to do something they shouldn’t be doing, it has strengthened our case.”

He was arrested after being spotted on the corner of Salisbury Street and Manchester Road on Saturday.

He told police he had drunk two pints of Stella.

He pleaded guilty at Swindon Magistrates Court on Monday to breaching his interim ASBO, and was fined £100.

But he could not pay, so he was held in detention for a day.

It is believed that officers put him on a train back to Bristol after the case.

His interim ASBO was due to expire in April.

So now the council is to seek a full ASBO, lasting at least two years.

The next hearing is at Swindon Magistrates’ Court tomorrow on April 5, when it is understood that another interim ASBO will be applied for while the case for a full one is prepared.

Acting Sgt Diffin said: “If he thought ASBO was a joke, or we and the courts weren’t serious, the message is it’s here to stay.”

“The council is taking this action, with the support of the local community, so that residents and traders can be protected from any further nuisance.”