JIM Grant has been elected as the new leader of the Swindon Labour group.

At a meeting behind closed doors tonight, the now 17-strong collection of Labour councillors got to elect their new boss following the resignation of the old one.

Retiring leader Derique Montaut was treated to a round of applause before councillors got down to the real business of voting.

Three councillors were vying for the position as leader – Jim Grant (Western), Mark Dempsey (Parks) and Bob Wright (Central).

They were each given five minutes to give a speech before the secret ballot was held.

The breakdown of votes is not known but no candidate received an outright majority and a second round of voting had to be held before Coun Grant was declared the winner.

Coun Grant, of Old Town, is married with two children and works at the police call centre in Trowbridge. He has been a Labour councillor for three years.

Coun Dempsey will be his deputy.