DALEKS will be invading the North Swindon Library on Saturday to raise interest in reading and money for charity.

Dr Who fans of all ages are invited to the library to rejuvenate people’s interest in reading.

Charity Dalek will be bringing a range of daleks and other stars of the Dr Who programme to show in the library at the Orbital Centre between 10am and 4pm.

As well as encouraging people to read, the day will raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and Marie Curie Cancer Care after Doctor Who actress Elisabeth Sladen lost her battle with cancer earlier this year.

Charity Dalek founder Ady Davies said: “For the last three or four years we have worked with libraries to encourage people of all ages to get involved in reading.

“Younger children tend to go to libraries with school but it is the teenagers we are targeting to show them it is not boring going to the library and enjoying a book.

“We have teamed up with the two charities as we thought it would be good to give something back following the loss of Liz Sladen.”

Replica characters from the show will be at the library all day along with representatives from Macmillan Cancer Support and Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Polly Bishop, Wiltshire fundraising manager, said: “Any event where we can get younger people involved in charity are fantastic and we are really grateful to Ady for offering to support Macmillan.

“People should be prepared to donate so the daleks don’t exterminate.”