THE TRIAL of a hypnotherapist who allegedly raped a woman while she was at his birthday party continued yesterday.

Andrew Peter Hill, of Middleleaze, is accused of raping the 24-year-old in the study of his home after guests had left a party on June 27 last year – a charge he denies.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told a jury at Swindon Crown Court she passed out after drinking an amount of alcohol at the event and woke to find Hill touching her between the legs.

During cross-examination, the woman told the court she could not remember how much she had had to drink on the night, but estimated it was about two glasses of wine and three vodkas.

She said she fell asleep on the sofa, was sick when she woke up and later blacked out.

Speaking about her recollection of the alleged attack, she said: “I became conscious when I was lying down on the sofa and I could not move.

“I don’t know how long I had been there – I was conscious in that position and something was happening.”

Robin Shellard, defending, asked: “Did you move at all?”

She replied: “I did not move at all – I could not move, I don’t know why, believe me.

“I’m really angry at not being able to move – that gets me more than anything.

“I thought I was screaming but nothing was coming out. I was thinking ‘this is wrong, stop it, stop it.’”

Mr Shellard said: “I put it to you that in fact what happened on the sofa was consentual.”

The victim, giving evidence from behind a screen, replied: “There is no way I would ever, ever have sex with Andrew Hill – the idea repulses me.”

The trial continues.