A CAT lover has been left confused after the RSPCA refused to let him adopt a stray moggy he found in his garden.

When a cat appeared in Gary Sherman’s garden in June he cared for it for a week before he discovered it had hurt its leg and took it to the vets.

But when the cat, which he called Buster, was handed to the RSPCA, Gary and his wife, Jeannie, were shocked to find that even if they paid the cat’s vet’s bills they could not take him back home with them.

It comes after the Adver reported on Monday that the North Wiltshire branch of the RSPCA is being crippled financially by the number of unwanted cats it has.

“The cat had been hanging around the garden for a few days and we were feeding it because it clearly didn’t have a home,” Gary said.

“We later noticed it had hurt its leg so we took it to Eastcott Vets and the RSPCA,” he said.

“We both felt we had acted a little rashly and really wanted to offer this cat a good and loving home.”

The couple then phoned the charity but were told they do not rehome cats in the same area they are found in and that they do not give cats to people who already have more than four.

Earlier this week, the Adver revealed that 24 cats are being cared for by the local charity, but, because they do not have any on-site facilities to house them, the animals are being put up in private catteries – which is costing £6 a cat a night.

“We have already got four cats, we know what we are doing,” said Gary.

“My point is if they are desperate for homes why don’t they let us have that cat?

“We offered to pay all the bills incurred. All this time, if the cat is still alive it is taking up room, it is costing them and there is a home here waiting for it.”

Gary has written to the RSPCA headquarters but has still not had any luck.

RSPCA committee member Alison Toop said: “We don’t rehome cats to the area they were found. A lot of cats get injured and we have had people try and scam us and pretend it is not their cat and try and adopt it back when its had the treatment.

“Also, if he adopted the cat and the other owner lived two streets down the old owner might take it back.

“It is really safeguarding the animal and the owner.

“It is nothing to do with the fact he has got four cats. I know people who look after eight cats and do a marvellous job.

“We have got a lot of cats, so if he wants to take one of the other cats by all means he can do.”

Anyone who wants to rehome a cat should call the branch on 01793 640136 or visit www.