RESIDENTS are calling for action over the proposed location of a phone mast just 200 metres from a primary school.

Alessandro Deidda has set up an e-petition calling on Swindon Council’s planning committee to reject any future planning application to put up an 02/Vodaphone phone mast so close to Abbey Meads Primary School.

Consultants are carrying out a pre-planning public consultation with residents to see what their opinions are to siting a mast on the junction of Salzgitter Drive and Thamesdown Drive.

Alessandro, 41, of Haywain Close, says residents are concerned by the plans because the health impacts of the masts are not yet fully known.

He said: “My main issue is the unknown health implications, and with it only 200m from the primary school and 70m from some residential houses it is not something that is wanted.

“I did some leafleting at the houses in the area and everyone was supportive of the opposition.

“I think there was only one person who was for the mast.

“So far we have got 60 people to sign the petition but we are hoping for more people to sign it.

“An application hasn’t yet been put in but we are showing to the company that we are ready to fight this and hopefully they will listen.”

Residents have had the backing of their MP, Justin Tomlinson, who has signed the petition.

Ward councillors have also expressed their concerns that a mast should be located so close to a school.

They say and other options should be looked into.

Coun Peter Heaton-Jones, the ward councillor for Abbey Meads, said: “I would be against any proposal to put a telephone mast so close to a school.

“I would be encouraging the company to be taking all possible locations into account but it is not a good idea to be siting it so close to the school.

“This is a pre-pre application, so the company need to be given credit for consulting the residents on this and hopefully some agreement can be made.

“Everybody uses a mobile phone and we all know how annoying it is when your signal drops out but I don’t think this is the best location.”

Coun Vera Tomlinson, the ward councillor for Abbey Meads, who also sits on the town’s planning committee said: “It is a bit too early to comment at the moment as I haven’t seen the plans.

“I am aware of three applications in the pipeline in the Abbey Meads ward.

“I wouldn’t be happy if it was close to any primary school but there are regulations to make sure they are a certain distance from schools.”

To show your support for the petition you can visit the websitewhich can be found at at www.go thamesdown-phone- mast/sign.html.