A COUPLE were left dumbfounded when a fugitive bull and a cow moo-ved into their Blunsdon garden and refused to budge.

Kevin Eggleton and Sally Hilton were just getting home from a night out and going to bed at about 1.30am on Saturday when the garden security light came on.

The pair are used to smaller wildlife, such as foxes, making an appearance at their home in Old Lady Lane, Blunsdon, but they were somwhat surprised when they looked into the garden to see the bovine pair.

Kevin, 58, tried to call the police but after no response spent most of the night baby-sitting the cattle before the farmer was tracked down and they were returned to the field they had come from at the end of Ermin Street, Blunsdon.

Kevin said: “We’d been out and were just about to go to bed when the security light came on outside.

“We are used to getting foxes and badgers in the back garden but when we looked out of the window it was the biggest fox we had ever seen.”

He added: “I ended up spending most of the night bull watching until about four in the morning when I went to bed.

“When I got up in the morning they were still there and had settled down and were stretched out on the grass.”

The police arrived at the house at 8.30am on Sunday and helped Kevin to trace the farmer.

It turned out that the two animals had made a break for it from a nearby field at the bottom of Ermin Street before making their way into the family’s garden.

They had not caused any damage during their overnight stay.

Kevin said: “We didn’t have a clue where they had come from and didn’t know where to start looking.

“With help from the police we eventually tracked down the farmer who is based in Fairford.

“When the farmer got here with the help of his dog, who was excellent, we were able to get them back down into their field. It was a very eventful day.”