ACTION on Hearing Loss is urging the organisers of Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Swindon to ensure their parties are fully accessible and inclusive of residents who are deaf or hard of hearing.

People with hearing loss can often find it difficult to follow conversations during social occasions – particularly when there is background noise or music – so the charity is promoting deaf awareness tips to help party organisers improve the experience of local residents who have problems hearing.

Chief executive of Action on Hearing Loss, Jackie Ballard, said: “Many (people with hearing loss) avoid big social occasions because they struggle to hear in noisy situations and when speaking with people who are not deaf aware.

“We encourage Diamond Jubilee party organisers in Swindon to follow our basic deaf awareness tips to ensure friends and neighbours with hearing loss don’t miss out.”

Action on Hearing Loss is encouraging party organisers to make their event more accessible by making sure your have the person’s attention before you start speaking, facing the person so that you can be lipread, speaking clearly and using plain language.

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