SWINDON Scrapstore has put some gloss on its recycling efforts by taking a donation of more than 2,000 litres of paint.

The tins would have been dumped at landfill but will instead be sold for a fraction of the price to generate funds for the charity.

The Wilkinson’s vinyl matt emulsion paint, available in rosy brown, sea green and coffee, will go for £1 a litre.

Scrapstore is an environmental charity that encourages reuse to protect the environment and supports community projects including arts and education schemes.

Local businesses have donated all kinds of goods, including picture frames, paper, fabric, tiles and stationery.

Collecting the paint took four hours but workers say it was worth the graft for the wide-ranging benefits of the donation.

Manager Olivia McCann said: “The paint is brand new and we are selling it in sizes from tester pots up to 10 litres.

“Five litres would cost more than £20 from a store whereas from us it is only £5.

“As well as being a bargain we are talking about 2,090 litres of paint which would have gone to landfill.

“Instead it will go back into reuse and help fund our overheads, running costs and volunteer expenses.

“The company will also save the £300 it would have cost to dump it, so everyone’s a winner.”

The donation also includes interior and exterior masonry paint, varnishes and wood stains.

The Scrapstore is taking part in the Community Repaint Scheme, a national network of paint re-use programmes.

The Scrapstore Reuse Centre is based in Unit 5 at the Bridgemead Business Centre in Westmead.

For more information visit www.scrapstore.co.uk, call 01793 513982 or emailswss@scrapstore.co.uk.