A VINTAGE bus tour of Swindon’s literary landmarks will put to bed the myth that the best the town has to offer by way of culture is the Magic Roundabout and the Oasis.

The two-hour journey, hosted by two extremely knowledgeable, if slightly eccentric guides, will take a fresh look at the town as part of next month’s Festival Of Poetry.

Many would not associate Swindon, famed for its roundabouts, with any form of high art.

But Michael Scott and Hilda Sheehan, who publish the annual Domestic Cherry magazine as part of the poetry festival, will become alter-egos Barry Dicks and Mabel Watson and will show a different side to the town.

“The idea is to show Swindon in a different light,” Michael said.

“We want to get people excited about Swindon as a place to explore.

“We will be going to some of the clichéd places, such as the Magic Roundabout, but we will be coming at them from a different angle.”

Swindon Railway Station, mentioned in a Sherlock Holmes story, will also be included together with the Railway Village, which provided the model for the NHS – without which many famous poets and writers would not have survived birth.

Michael said: “It will be a jolly, fun trip with people being able to join in if they want to.

“There will also be places people would not expect to go to which we will keep a secret until the day.”

The bus journey will feature on-board poems, stories and songs plus sandwiches, tea, cake and pick-up-a-mystery-poet stop. It will be followed by Mabel’s House Party in Theatre Square.

The tour takes place on October 6 between 2pm and 4pm, departing from Bay 1, Swindon bus station. Tickets cost £10. For more information call 01793 466454 or visit www.swindonfestivalof poetry.co.uk