A CYBER-security firm in Wiltshire has joined a board of industry leaders to shape the future online payment security strategy in Brazil.

Foregenix, a firm which has its HQ in Marlborough, has been selected by the Payment Card Industry Security Stands Council to join the industry board, alongside the likes of major online payment companies such as PayPal and Worldplay.

Guilherme Scheibe, managing consultant, Foregenix Latam said: "It’s a real honour to be selected once again to help contribute to the development of payments security in Brazil.

"We’re looking forward to collaborating with so many distinguished members, offering our recent experience in payments security in Brazil and across the globe, to help Brazilian companies trade more securely."

The board will meet regularly to discuss future cyber threats.

The PCI SSC associate regional director for Brazil Carlos Caetano added:"With cybercrime on the rise in Brazil, it is an important time for the industry here to be even more engaged in the work we are doing at the PCI Security Standards Council to help businesses detect, mitigate and prevent cyber attacks and breaches."