A JAPANESE-inspired evening of sushi and Bonsai trees will be held at a Lexus showroom next week.

Fish Brothers Lexus, on Penzance Drive, is holding a night of Japanese culture to celebrate the launch of the latest Japanese-designed SUV, the Lexus UX.

Chika Kako, the first woman chief engineer at Lexus, was inspired by iconic Japanese animated film, Mazinger Z when designing the new car, aversion of which will be shown shown on the night.

The SUV’s distinctive rear tail light reminded Kako of the powerful manga robot on the small screen in the late 70’s and 80’s while growing up.

To add to the celebrations there will be members from Swindon Bonsai, a society which regularly meets at the Grange Leisure Centre, and shows its impressive displays at the Stratton Festival, as well as a virtual reality driving experience, sushi, and drinks provided by Hop Kettle Brewery.

Guests might like to take part in a charity draw to raise money for Brighter Futures and Great Western Hospital.

The evening will be on March 28 at the Swindon Lexus showroom from 7.30pm. To RSVP contact jon.fish@fish-bros.co.uk.