BARBER Stacy Woolhouse is delighted to be the winner of our camera club’s first Picture of the Month prize.

Stacy’s unusual picture of a half-hidden fox taken using a Canon 100-400mm zoom lens, caught the eye of our chief photographer, Thomas Kelsey, who judges the award with its prize of £50 Love2Shop vouchers.

Often found running The Director’s Cut in Highworth, Stacy, 46, spends as much of his free time as possible near his home in South Marston taking pictures since taking up photography nine years ago and has won other competitions with his wildlife pictures.

Stacy said: “I’m a member of three camera clubs as well as the Advertiser’s. I just like my pictures to be seen and for people to enjoy them but this kind of recognition is great.

“I’ve watched the Advertiser’s camera club membership grow - it really is taking off.”

When asked for his photography tips he said: “A lot of people chase after wildlife, which doesn’t really work. You’re better off walking around a couple of fields and then quietly waiting for things to come to you.”

But Stacy admits he will wait for hours to get a good picture.

For a chance to win Love2Shop vouchers, register your camera club membership by emailing with your name, location and daytime phone number. See our Facebook group here: