A Swindon shopper has complained about the state of the footpaths outside of an Asda supermarket.

The anonymous member of the public contacted the Adver about the issue explaining they were concerned about its hygiene.

This followed the Orbital Shopping Centre store receiving a zero-out-of-five food hygiene rating from health inspectors back in October.

But a spokesperson for the supermarket said that they could not find any example of the stated issue inside the store and denied having received any complaints about the amount of bird poo outside.

The issue has caused quite a stir among Advertiser readers reacting to the story, with many suggesting that there are bigger, more important things going on.

To see what the people of Swindon really think about this example of fowl play we’ve rounded up what our readers have had to say on the matter using comments on our Facebook post and elsewhere.

Allan Bott said: “Jesus Christ. It’s just some pigeon poo!

“Talking to the staff who have ZERO control on cleaning the outside, during the busiest time of year no doubt, will always result in not getting the result you want.

“I imagine external contractors do the outside, not ASDA staff.

“As long as you’re not licking it, what’s the issue?"

Erica Daykin said: “You’re right about them not being anything to do with cleaning it, they will have a facilities management company that will be responsible for cleaning it as part of pest control.

“Clearly some people have too much time on their hands and don’t get out much.”

Rowan Logan said: “Outside is dirty, nothing can be done about that.

“People will complain about anything, I used to work at a Costa and people would complain about the leaves in our outside seating area during autumn.”

Christopher Kemp said: “Good thing you don’t take your produce and products and rub them vigorously on the floor before you purchase them then? I hope.

“And they’re not interested because there’s nothing they can do. They can’t remove the pigeons themselves, mostly for legal reasons.

“They can’t change the outside of the building on a whim, that’s up to head office.

“Realistically, what would you have them do apart from more frequent clean-ups, which would require willing staff who have it factored into their job description, assuming it isn’t left up to an external company in the first place.”

Ron Payne said: “Don’t walk under Transfer Bridges - you can almost drown in pigeon droppings”

Jai Bell said: “It does need a good clean underneath the food grates and the toilets could also be a lot cleaner.”

Keeley Gray said: “As long as pigeons are around there will always be a problem with poo, no matter where you go.”

Glynis Rogers said: “There’s a space in the market for pigeon nappies, anyone want to help me make them?”

David Fisher said: “It needs removing with strong chemicals. Then disinfected at least four times. “Why not have spikes and netting there?”

Patrick Clark said: "Hardly the worst thing going on in the world is it?"