OPEN spaces in parts of the town are being given back to nature.

South Swindon Parish Council has announced plans to rewild areas including sections of the Magic Roundabout and GWR Park as part of an effort to help wildlife and fight climate change.

Chairman of the council’s environment working party Coun Linda Kasmaty, said: “We have already started to see signs of wildflowers blooming as a result of this exercise. And at the end of this year we will review the results of our rewilding exercise, see how successful they have been and if they are welcomed by residents living near to them."

A revised grass cutting rota is drawn up to allow for some areas to be mown less frequently to help the process.

She explained: “It’s important for residents to know the parish council is only rewilding a very limited number of spaces inside our parish. All remaining green open spaces will continue to be cut every three weeks.”

A total of 10 sites have been chosen for the project. As well as GWR Park and the Magic Roundabout, areas of Shaftesbury Lake, Buckhurst Field, Queens Drive, Scotby Avenue, Sixth Field off Marlborough Road, an open space on Savernake Street, Marlborough Lane Embankment and Pipers Way will have a more limited programme of mowing so the grass can grow longer.

The sites will be highlighted with small post signs featuring a bee.

Rewilding is an attempt to reconnect and to reverse species extinction, but also to help nature flourish on a large scale.

It is said benefits include improving biodiversity and wildlife, fighting climate change by drawing down more carbon from the atmosphere and improving our health and wellbeing with more colourful wildflowers added to our open spaces.

Campaigns like No Mow May organised by Plantlife have been established to argue the benefits of less frequent mowing of green spaces and grass verges. It can be carried on through the summer with Let it Bloom June.

Recently Aldbourne Parish Council has joined the national campaign after a suggestion from an environmental group and other parishes are expected to follow.