When you have an urgent errand three hundred miles north of here, winter is settling in, with snow forecast and your journey is a must, there is just one vehicle to travel in. And that is the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Without doubt this is the motor car for the job. Not a model from the pretty effeminate Land Rover range where you’ll look good but possibly get stuck on the M6 in a snowdrift; or one of those SUVs which is great for taking the kids to the beach in the summer – but Shap Fell in Cumbria at the height of winter. Give me a break. There’s just one vehicle for the job.

The Land Cruiser is necessary where men are men and you’re feeling nervous. And you could be transporting sheep as passengers if you had the mind as well.

After your 600-mile round trip, the parcels or the sheep have been safely delivered; you’ve pick up your bits and pieces to bring back and you walk into your home as fresh as a daisy. And that’s due to your Toyota Land Cruiser.

But one down point in the exercise. There was no snow so I wasn’t able to barge through the elements as I was hoping. However I have had one of these lovely machines when there was some rough weather and the Land Cruiser was a sheer delight. Now it has been upgraded and of course it’s even better.

Looking at the price this Toyota is not cheap and it comes in at around £56,000. But if you are planning to keep it for ten years it will serve you like a faithful Labrador for all those days or should you wish to part with it after a couple of years you will get a good price because the second hand market loves Land Cruisers.

On your long or short journeys the vehicle is excellent. Behind the wheel and for your passengers you have this wonderful safety in your big tin box which affords you a great view as you look over hedgerows and see things which you didn’t know existed.

If you are going to a town and taking the family shopping then arrive early because parking can be a little difficult as this is a pretty big chap. It’s not far short of five metres long and two metres high and wide. You have been told!

But on your journey its possible to get more than 40 miles to the gallon and more than 30 miles to the gallon in town.

The top speed of the Land Cruiser is just short of 110 mph but you’ll never need that sort of speed. Cruising down the motorway between 70 and 80mph is driving heaven.

The engine is just a little bit short of three litres and 0-62mph is a very respectable 12.7 seconds.

The transmission is a six speed automatic and there is course full time four wheel drive with the vehicle.

Off the road is the best of any of the 4x4s on the UK roads and it almost scampers through muddy conditions up hill and down dale.

Inside you can have a host of variations for passengers. Do you want seven, five or two seats? And with all but the two front seats for passengers you have enough space for a couple of elephants. Well 1,100 litres actually!

Because you are paying a big price for your Land Cruiser Toyota do not stint on all the extras and you get a mass of items for your comfort and convenience. Sat nav, heated seats, parking sensors and electric steering are among the almost 100 items have been added on for the customer.

The Land Cruiser is among my favourite vehicles and it is essential for me to drive a couple of times a year just to keep my motoring sanity intact.