Would you pay around £45,000 for a car? If you had the money and the choice was Lexus then you probably would.

Well that’s the cash you would have to fork out for the facelifted Lexus NX300h, probably the best luxury SUV on the market and it’s class through and through.

It is impossible to get a better hybrid engine and while it’s quite a chunky number with a 2.5 litre powertrain to assist the driving, you can still get around 40 miles to the gallon with some careful motoring.

Lexus used to have a diesel model you could choose but diesels are now going to the fairies thanks to an incompetent government, which is actually encouraging motorists to drive petrol cars which are less efficient than the new diesels.

The NX model has been around five years and the larger RX 4x4 has been with us for almost 20 years and is in its fourth generation.

And if you are a fan of certain detective TV series which comes via ‘Walter Presents’ then you will see a continual advert for the Lexus NX!

The hybrid engine, which has been with both Lexus and Toyota for some years now, is still the best hybrid on the market and is extremely efficient. It first came with the Toyota Prius and has just got better and better, so much so that Toyota have the fewest number of claims with their warranties on that particular model.

The NX will give you a top speed of 112 mph which is more than enough and 0-62mph is reached at just over nine seconds.

It is a thoroughly comfortable vehicle and while big weighs in just under two tonnes and there are six trim levels – S, SE, Sport, Luxury, F Sport and Premier.

Being a Lexus all the trims are well equipped and even the entry-level S comes with adaptive cruise control, dual-zone climate, a reversing camera, DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity.

The driving position is excellent with a tremendously thick steering wheel, which gives you bags of confidence as you zoom either up the motorway or around town. And the NX is something of a looker as well.

At the top of the range the Premier spec model has luxuries like ventilated front seats, a head-up display, Lexus's premium navigation system, a 360 degree camera and a 14-speaker Mark Levinson audio system included as standard fare. Lexus certainly spoil you.

The top of the range price is £45,040 and for that you get a lot of car. Go down the range and you still get a great car for less than 40k.

The insurance group is 33E and the VED Band is £150 with benefit in kind at 23 per cent.

The argument between German and Japanese models seems to be either style or reliability. If something goes wrong with a Japanese car it is put right straight away while a German car, being less reliable, doesn’t give the same sort of service.

Lexus has a three year 60,000 mile guarantee and a five warranty on hybrid components. Can’t be any fairer than that.