Peugeot unveiled their high-performance 508 sport engineered concept at the Geneva International Motor Show as the brand’s electrification strategy gathers pace.

The Peugeot team have confirmed plans to develop a range of high performance electric vehicles and the new concept car is the first step on the journey towards electrification.

Their experts took the all-new 508 Hybrid as a starting point and enhanced its design, performance and efficiency.

With an advanced PureTech 200 engine and 110bhp electric motor driving the front wheels and a separate 150kW (200bhp) electric motor powering the rear wheels, the four-wheel drive 508 sport can accelerate from 0-62mph in 4.3 seconds and hit a mechanically limited top speed of 155 mph.

This electric performance is underpinned by an 11.8kWh battery, which gives the concept a zero-emission range of up to 31 miles when switched to 100 per cent electric mode and CO2 emissions of 49g/km, on the WLTP test protocols, when in Hybrid mode.

When the concept car was unveiled it almost stole the show with its redesigned front bumper, which incorporates a 3D-printed valance designed to direct incoming air towards the radiator and new rear diffuser, are just some of the exterior enhancements.

The 508 concept has enhanced aerodynamics, with flaps fitted to the subframes to reduce aerodynamic drag and streamlined winglets located on the quarter panels.

It has finished in Selenium Grey paint which changes in the light.

It was much the same when the current 508 was voted one of the best looking cars at the 34th International Automobile Festival held in January in Paris.

The 508 took home the coveted Grand Prix award for the most beautiful car of the tear 2018 with 34 per cet of the votes.

The award was one of the highlights of the International Automobile Festival, with the public voting to choose their favourite from a selection of shortlisted models The all-new 508 was launched last year and has become an instant success across Europe, with more than 10,000 vehicles already ordered.

David Peel, MD of PEUGEOT UK said: “For the 508 to be named most beautiful is a great honour, especially as this is an award coming from the car-buying public.

“The 508 is the latest addition to our range, and this recognition gives us great encouragement for the future.

“Going forward, we are constantly working towards providing the latest tech and innovative designs in the industry, and our e-LEGEND Concept shows what we can achieve in the Since 1810 PEUGEOT has been producing durable products of excellence, since 1858 all are branded with the Lion logo – chosen to demonstrate strength, suppleness and swiftness to personify the durability of its products. As one of the earliest automotive producers, the PEUGEOT brand can trace its roots back to 1889 when it began producing automobiles and since then over 65 million vehicles have been produced, advancing technology with style and efficiency to enhance the customer experience. PEUGEOT is present in 160 countries, has 10,000 franchised Dealerships and is recognised the world over for the quality and design excellence of its products.

And just when you think you’ve seen all the motoring world had to throw at you in 2018, along comes a car which is probably the best on the road to date. It certainly was my car of the year.

The Peugeot 508 was the best saloon on the European highways and how wonderful to have a car which celebrates the old and the new in the same breath.

In a world which is dominated by the SUV, the Peugeot 508 broke away the chains of motoring bullies and put a bit of class back into driving.

When I first drove it I wished I was a rep driving 30,000 miles a year because the car was such a beauty.

No, not for me the Ford Mondeo or Vauxhall Insigina. I want to be a Peugeot pro and I’d sign on the line to prove it.

The Peugeot 508 is doing well at the dealers and prices go from £25,000 to more than £37,000 should you be tempted.

It handles like a dream and of course there are a number of variations for you to get the car of your choice.

The engines are 179bhp and 221bhp 1.6-litre turbo petrols, a 129bhp 1.5-litre diesel and 161bhp and 174bhp 2.0 diesels. Only the 1.5 diesel has a six-speed manual with the rest having eight speed autos. And the CO2 emissions are below the 100g/km mark.

The ride is nice and easy and the noise levels are pegged back. This is certainly a good motorway car for stablilty and comfort.

The steering is light and positive and the rear leg room is good and head room pretty reasonable with the boot just short of 500 litres.

The 508 Active and Allure models have 16-inch wheels with 215/60 R16 tyres or 17-inch wheels with 215/55 R17 tyres.

There is the Peugeot i-cockpit staring over a small quarter style steering wheel at a dial and digital dash and then you look like a concert pianist with a series of piano keys in front of you.

Then there is the touch-screen cover navigation and entertainment needs, which are just like the 3008 and 5008 SUV models. Seats are multi-adjustable and giving you a relaxed and comfortable driving posture.

Seatbacks fold reasonably flat, and under the floor there’s a standard space saver spare wheel.

Top of the range is the more luxurious GT trim which give you active suspension, Adaptive Cruise Control with stop and go function, lane positioning assist, a kick operated electric tailgate, leather trimmed steering wheel, Nappa leather seats with massage function and a FOCAL® premium HIFI system.

There is also the multiple selectable Drive Modes, from Eco through Comfort, Normal, Sport and Manual.

Peugeot will sell this well in China where they still love the saloons while perhaps not so good in Europe. But I’d have one tomorrow.

The top of range 508 will do around 150mph; has acceleration of 0-60mph under eight seconds and still give you 50 miles to the gallon. Nice figures