The cost of living crisis is affecting people's lives in many different ways, and that is true for people looking to get their driving licences.

The average learner driver needs around 45 driving lessons to pass their driving test, and with the average lesson costing approximately £30 in 2023, learners can spend £1,350 trying to pass.

Not only that, but the DVSA have reported that due to the Covid backlog, many learner drivers are rushing to take their test in an attempt to save money.

As a result, the team at One Sure Insurance has revealed a few ways people can cut costs in this area to make the most out of it.

Swindon Advertiser: Learners can spend around £1,350 getting their licenceLearners can spend around £1,350 getting their licence (Image: PA)

5 ways to make savings on driving lessons

Buy lessons in bulk

Generally, buying driving lessons will work out cheaper per session if you buy them in bulk.

This is because many instructors and driving schools will offer a discount if you can agree to a set number of lessons, usually five to 10. 

Contact driving instructors directly

Driving schools will usually charge instructors a percentage of their earnings if a booking is made through them. As a result, make sure you are booking your instructor directly. 

Practice with a family member or friend

Having additional driving time with a friend or family member alongside you to supplement your driving lessons can help you get ready for your test more quicker.

Therefore, you won't need to splash out for more lessons.

However, remember that some drivers may have picked up some bad habits on the road, so be sure to follow your instructor's advice over a friend or family member. 

Book your test on a weekday

A standard driving test in the UK costs £62 on a weekday. However, an evening, weekend or Bank Holiday test will cost £75 due to the unsociable hours that examiners will need to cover.  

Therefore booking your test during the day on Monday-Friday will save you a little bit of money.

Don't rush to take your test

Due to the backlog caused by the Covid pandemic, there's still a massive backlog of people waiting to take their driving test. Some learners are seeing wait times of around 4-6 months, which can be frustrating. 

As a result, many learners rush to take their test before they are ready, as they do not wish to wait another few months until a test becomes available.  

However, this can cause extra pressure on a learner driver, resulting in a failed driving test.

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