HOMEOWNERS can add up to £90k to their home's value by making this one improvement. 

Demand for renewable energy is surging with an increase in installations in solar panels and heat pumps in the first half of 2023.

Whether you're looking to make some upgrades to your property or you're just curious to see how much solar panels could add to your home's worth - the team at BOXT are here to help. 


The experts have analysed where solar panels have added the most value to homes across UK cities, as well as revealing the potential energy bill savings from installing solar panels.

According to the energy report, Londoners could benefit the most from installing solar panels.

The panels could add up to 13% to its value and they could see property prices increase by £90,000. 

BOXT says that this is due tot he high property value of the city, where houses cost an average of £686,321.

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Bristol comes in at second place and the Scottish capital Edinburgh rounds up the top three.

Those living in the South West of England city could add 14% to their home value which could be an added £45,142 to their property value on average.

Meanwhile, adding solar panels to a property in Edinburgh could increase the property's value by around £40,095 on average.