Drivers have been warned about these five typically 'unknown' ways that your car could fail its MOT. 

A necessary evil - an MOT test is an annual assessment that examines whether your vehicle complies with current road safety and environment standards.

It is a legal requirement to have an MOT and it's against the law if you drive without one - resulting in hefty fines and points on your licence. 

Over 7 million Brits fail their MOT each year on average, according to the RAC.



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MOT Tests are also costing motorists an average cost of £300, AutoExpress has said.

With costs mounting up for motorists, the team at ATS Euromaster have issued a warning to drivers about the mistakes they may be ignoring that could cause MOT failure. 

Paul Maynard from ATS Euromaster has highlighted five unusual yet preventable mistakes that could lead your vehicle to fail its MOT and you facing a hefty bill to fix.

5 'unknown' ways your car could fail its MOT over

Car Horn 

Your car horn can cause your vehicle to fail its MOT, according to Mr Maynard.

He explained: "Your horn needs to sound properly with an appropriate warning sound for your vehicle to pass, as they are primarily used for alerting other drivers as to your whereabouts and are, essentially, a safety feature". 

Drivers should also note that excessively loud horns that may deafen other drivers could also warrant a failure since they could present a distraction on the road. 


The UK has an estimated 1 million potholes on its roads so it's not a leap that they are causing damage to cars across the nation. 

Damage including mi-shapen tyres and flat spots in the wheels are areas that motor experts at ATS Euromaster recommend you check over before your test.

This could save you an average cost of £200 to have it put right during an MOT. 

Swindon Advertiser: A new seatbelt could cost you up to £100 to replace. ( Getty Images)A new seatbelt could cost you up to £100 to replace. ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

Seatbelt wear and tear 

During an MOT, your vehicle technician will assess the quality of your seatbelt including any tears, knots and how easily the seatbelt retracts.  

The expert went on to say: "If a frayed seat belt is not tended to, drivers are risking their own safety as well as their passengers’.

"A worn-out belt is unlikely to click in place securely and may come loose with a tug, meaning they are not safe.

Mr Maynard has also advised that a new seatbelt could cost you up to £100 and recommends keeping it in good condition to avoid incurring any additional costs. 

Dirty car 

"You can fail an MOT before the test has even begun," according to the car expert.

This is because a mechanic can refuse to carry out the test if your car is deemed too dirty.

Mr Maynard explained: "Your number plates also need to be clean and visible during your test. This rule is in place so that the police and other road users as well as speed cameras can easily identify a car. 

"On top of a failed MOT test, an unclear registration plate can also lead to an on-the-spot fine of £1,000. Under the Highway Code, drivers must ensure "lights, indicators, reflectors and number plates must be kept clean and clear" as part of vehicle maintenance". 

Fluid levels 

General fluid levels, such as brake fluids can cause you to fail if they are significantly low at the time of your test.

As part of your MOT, your tester will check that the amount of fluid in the reservoirs meets the minimum level.

This is something drivers are urged to check over in advance. 

Mr Maynard noted: "A surprising MOT fail comes from the fluid level of your windscreen wash, as 71% of UK drivers didn’t realise that running out of water in your screen wash bottle would count as a fail.

"If it is too low and no water can spray out, then your tester may have no choice but to fail your car. 

"Fluid costs, on average, £12, so make sure to keep some handy so that you don’t fall short of the minimum level before an MOT".