Every day thousands of people are ordering all sorts of items online, from clothes to gadgets and homeware.

Whether it’s a birthday or Christmas present for a loved one, or even a treat for yourself, many spend their well-earned money on deliveries hoping they will arrive safe and sound.

But sometimes, online orders don’t arrive because they could have either been stolen or gone missing during their journey from the retailer to arriving on your doorstep.

Often, people don’t receive their deliveries at all and might not know what to do when they find themselves in this unfortunate situation.

Swindon Advertiser: These are your rights if your parcel has gone missing or been stolenThese are your rights if your parcel has gone missing or been stolen (Image: Newsquest)

Who is liable if my parcel goes missing?

Consumer journalist Alice Beer recently appeared on ITV’s This Morning alongside hosts Rylan Clark and Emma Willis to explain your rights as a consumer if you suspect a parcel has been stolen or gone missing.

She explained: “40% of people in this country will not follow up or follow down the right avenues to get their money back or a replacement because they don’t know their rights.

“The courier is the person that is hired by the retailer. You have a contract with the retailer.

“[For example] I give Emma Willis money and you are contracted to deliver me a parcel but your contract has to, it says ‘you will deliver it to me.'

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“Not to my doorstep, not to wheelie bin, not around the corner in my back porch, you’re going to leave it with me in my possession. Your responsibility goes all the way to me and if I don’t get it, then it’s up to you to replace it.

“The retailer is always responsible.”

Rylan interrupted: “I would just always assume that’s the courier’s problem.”

Alice exclaimed: “Who’s hired the courier? You haven’t! The retailer has, so I’m sorry retailers and I get a bit of grief online from small businesses saying ‘hang on a minute, we can’t just replace everything because the couriers are letting us down.'

“Well I’m sorry retailers but you have a contract with those couriers and you have to say to them, ‘don’t leave parcels that are going to get nicked.'”

What to do if you think your parcel has been stolen or gone missing

Compare the Market advises: “First of all, it’s worth checking with any neighbours in case the parcel has been left with them.

“You should also check whether your package has been left in a ‘safe place’, like behind a plant pot or even thrown over your fence.

It adds: “If you can’t find it and you think it’s been stolen, start by contacting whoever sent it to you.

“If that was a retailer then it’s their responsibility – not the courier’s – to make sure your order reaches you safely.

“So if your delivery doesn’t turn up, it’s down to the retailer to deal with it.”