The UK has storms regularly where extreme rain and winds can cause damage and disrupt transport links.

Sometimes, when bad enough, weather can cause schools to close as it’s deemed unsafe to open them but can schools close due to wind?

Here’s what we know about school closures during bad weather.

Do schools close due to bad weather?

While schools will try to stay open during bad weather such as storms, heatwaves and snow, pupils’ and teachers’ safety is a priority, explains the government website’s Education Hub.

It’s up to a school to decide whether to close due to bad weather.

They have to decide if it’s safe to open using their own risk assessment – they also consider local issues.

The government website explains that schools should think about moving to remote learning if they shut.

If you’re ever unsure whether your local school is closed, you can enter your postcode here.

Can schools close due to wind?

Why it’s up to schools to decide when to close due to bad weather, you might be wondering if windy weather could result in a school closure.

The Southampton City Council website explains that reasons for a school shutting in bad weather could relate to wind.

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It outlines some reasons why a school may shut including “severe weather - heavy snow, ice or strong winds which may cause structural damage or disruption to safe travel to and from the school, or in some cases around the school site”.

It also says that if strong winds have caused damage to buildings, schools could close.

Other reasons for schools closing include a utility failure, shortage of staff, high levels of illness or industrial action.