TV health guru Dr Michael Mosley has revealed that by regularly eating a particular vegetable, you will begin to notice a positive change in your day-to-day life.

It lowers your blood pressure and studies have also shown that it can also transform your sex life.

What vegetable? The beetroot. A "superfood" full of rich and nutritious nitrates, that is said by Dr Moseley to work wonders on the human body.

The beetroot fits perfectly into Dr Moseley's Mediterranean Diet, of which he is a huge advocate. Made primarily of fruit and vegetables, he believes it is the best diet to follow for anyone looking to lose weight quickly while also staying healthy.

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An expert in his field, he is renowned for offering quick and easy weight loss and dietary suggestions that have proven popular with the British public. He told Science Focus: "When we consume nitrate-rich vegetables such as beetroot, something remarkable happens. Bacteria that live in our mouths turn the nitrate into nitrite.

"The nitrite, in turn, is changed by the body into nitric oxide, which, among other things, increases blood flow to various organs, including the penis. Adequate levels of nitric oxide are essential for producing and maintaining an erection, which may explain why the Romans used beetroot juice as an aphrodisiac.

"Although I haven’t yet seen any clinical trials showing that consuming beetroot juice will have a Viagra-like effect, there is evidence that the expansion of blood vessels it causes results in other significant changes."

The humble vegetable can be found across gardens and allotments all across Britain, regarded as a staple addition at the British tea table. As well as tasting amazing, it appears that the plump purple vegetable also provides excellent health benefits as well.

Dr Mosley recalled an experiment that he conducted on his BBC Two series 'Trust Me, I'm A Doctor'. He said: "We took a group of volunteers with raised blood pressure and asked them to feast on a diet rich in beetroot.

"After a few weeks, we found that munching a couple of beetroot a day led to a fall in average blood pressure of about 5mmHg, which, if maintained, would translate into a reduction in their risk of stroke and heart attack of about 10 per cent."