Are you organising a road trip this year? While the excitement for your next adventure might be building, it’s important your vehicle is as ready as you are.

With some times of the year being more busy than others, a car expert has shared how you can make sure your journey goes to plan.

Alexander Charles Wallace is a car expert at Moonstone Plates and he’s revealed seven tips to help you as you head out on a road trip.

7 tips to help your road trip go smoothly

Inspect the outside of your vehicle

Before setting off, Alexander advises walking around your vehicle to look for any signs of damage that might hinder your journey.

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Take extra notice of your lights as these being inadequate can be a danger to yourself and other road users.

Tyre tread depth is also an important thing to check with the minimum legal tyre tread being 1.6mm.

If your vehicle’s tread depth is insufficient then stopping distances will be longer which increases your risk of crashing into another vehicle or obstacle.

Charge your phone before leaving home

Alexander from Moonstone Plates encourages drivers to make sure their phones are charged before leaving home, especially if they plan to use their phones to get them to their destination.

If you aren’t able to charge your phone as you drive, it’s worth having a battery pack with you in case you need it.

Keep a road map in the car

Technology plays a huge role in our daily lives but sometimes it can be unreliable so adding a road map to your car could help you out if you’re not able to load a map on your phone.

Signal can differ as you drive through different places so having a road map will help you out if you’re struggling to find a good internet connection.

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Check tyre pressure

Alexander explains that your vehicle's tyres should have a pound-force per square inch (PSI) of between 31 and 35 when the tyres are cold.

If your vehicle doesn’t have enough tyre pressure, you could lose control of your vehicle when driving.

To check your tyre pressure, you can visit a petrol station and use the tyre inflator station which usually costs around 20p-50p for all four tyres. It will beep loudly when you’ve hit your desired tyre pressure.

Alternatively, you can buy a tyre pressure kit online for less than £20, Alexander shares.

A spare tyre in your car could also come in handy if there’s a problem while driving.

Take regular breaks

If you’re going on a long road trip, you might find that you start to get tired but your trip doesn’t have to be exhausting.

Stop at service stations to take a break and have some food and drink – this can improve the mood of yourself and your passengers.

You’ll also have time to check you’re still on the right route for your destination.

If you’re feeling sleepy, make sure to stop and take a break as driving whilst tired can lead to a serious accident.

Pack an emergency kit

When driving for a long time, there is a chance of a breakdown so it’s best to be prepared.

Alexander advises that you pack blankets to keep yourself warm and dry if you need to stand outside. It’s also worth having water, food, torches and emergency contact details for help.

Share the journey

If you’re travelling with people who have a driving licence, consider putting them on your insurance temporarily as this will help drivers split the journey and make it less exhausting and more relaxing for all involved, says Alexander.

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This could also take pressure away from one driver as they won’t be worrying about having to drive the whole way.

Alexander Charles, car expert at Moonstone Plates, said: “Driving can be a stressful task, road trips can lead to tiredness and anxiety. My tips will hopefully relieve some of that worry that you may have.

“Breaking down would ruin your weekend, so prepare your vehicle the best you can to avoid it happening. Sometimes it is unavoidable, so pack emergency kits along with a spare tyre to make a scary experience easier to manage.”