Fans of Gogglebox have called for long-time star Mary Killen to be axed from the show with many branding her "joyless and horrible".

In the most recent episode of the Channel 4 programme, the contributor from Wiltshire was left appalled after witnessing Finland's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden.

Being visibly disgusted by the act, which involved a man appearing naked from the waist down, Mary Killen shouted: "Oh you stupid little man!"

Talking with her husband Giles, she later added: "It's when you've got no talent, you just try and shock instead."

Gogglebox fans blast 'joyless and horrible' Mary Killen after Eurovision comments

Gogglebox fans soon blasted the star for her thoughts on Teemu Keisteri's performance with one person calling her a joy-kill.

One person wrote on social media: "I'm sorry, but Mary is so utterly joyless and it's not amusing anymore."

Another person said: "Mary has just turned into a horrible, joyless h**."

A third person added: "Please bin fun sponge Mary. Keep Giles but get rid of that annoying bore."

A fourth person said: "I used to think Giles was going to end up under the patio, but now I think the bloke deserves a medal for putting up with Mary’s joyless ways."

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The Spectator columnist and her husband Giles have been part of the Channel 4 programme since 2015.

Mary and Giles have divided opinion among fans with many loving their dry sense of humour and comments.

The pair are well-known for lovingly referring to each other as 'nutty'.

Born in Larne, Northern Ireland, Mary now lives with her husband in Wiltshire, England.

Gogglebox airs every Friday on Channel 4 and All 4.