THE Fleming Way underpass has been closed to the public and is undergoing demolition.

Swindon Borough Council closed off access to the route on August 14, marking the end of an era for a well-travelled pathway that many Swindon shoppers have used over the years.

This is all part of the ongoing £33million town centre improvement work that will see a new bus interchange and street level access to the town centre shops installed.

The closure and the demolition have caused a lot of debate and conversation among the people of Swindon, and the readers of the Swindon Advertiser are certainly no different.

We've compiled some of the reaction to the latest development.

Nigel Matthew Brown said: "Such a shame in the late 90s I attended college at the art building.

"Town was always busy and friendly and it was mostly clean loads of shops."

Liz Lucas said: "Just had a day out in Basingstoke and it's full of shops. and it was filled with people.

"Swindon was always the go-to place in the 80s/90s"

Catherine Youens said: "What a waste of money. I moved to Swindon in 1993. It was absolutely brilliant back then and even before COVID it was good.

"The nightlife was amazing. Regent Street and Brunel were packed with shops.

"Now absolutely disgusting unsafe and nothing in town to do.

"Swindon could be amazing again if money wasn't wasted on other projects."

Lee Blackadder Meredith said: "So will this be finished before the town centre dies out or after?

"I can predict this will be overrun by 20 years like everything else does."

Simon Batchelor said: "Stop complaining, we are replacing usable road with bus stops with a slightly lower inaccessible road with bus stops and a bit of grass.

"It's only 35 million.

"The town centre is dead to commerce and depressing. Those living in flats and accommodations replacing the shops will be very grateful.

"Shame it couldn't be spent unknackering the leisure facilities in and around town."

Hayley K Burchell said: "Did the diversion route walk today, it is not exactly out of the way and probably took about 2 extra mins than normal.

"All the crossings have disability access AND there are no steps on the route. Inconvenient? Maybe.. as dramatic as everyone is making it? Nope."

Frederick Vail said: "The money is a government grant not from SBC. funds, the decline in the shops is down to high rents and online shopping also the Outlet centres drawing people away from the town centre."

Mark Wise said: "Another bit of Swindon history gone still remember the old post office on the left side before the entrance of the subway. Busters. singing all took place in the subway before Swindon shops."

Lee Sartin said: "I still read a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about what is going on here.

"I completely get both sides of the argument and why some people have a cause for concern. It's one of those things where you can't have one without the other.

"To enable improvements and a wider regeneration to the town centre, this really needs to be done to improve public transport links and provide a better pedestrian link to the town centre.

"Demolishing the subway will completely open up the area and create a natural extension to the town centre.

"A new bus station is well overdue as well. The current one is very unwelcoming and not for purpose anymore.

"Let's not forget that out of the £33m cost to the project, £25m is being paid for by the central government. They should do as well."