THE Recent recent revelation that all operations at Swindon’s Abbey Stadium could cease permanently has sparked significant outrage among the community.

A deed of variation letter, recently made public by Swindon Borough Council, indicates that the owners, Gaming International, are seeking to remove conditions that mandated the continuation of speedway and greyhound racing.

It says that the reason for this is that all operations would be ceasing at the stadium, something that it had previously denied. 

In September 2022, commenters on speedway and greyhound racing forums stated they had been told the last day of operations would be December 26, with Gaming International said was not true. 

Sophie Anne Curtis said: “Speedway was there before the houses! The plan was meant to keep the stadium there! Many very unhappy fans!” 

Martin Palmer said: “A predictable and premeditated outcome. The only ‘planning’ that has gone on is by Gaming International to circumnavigate the agreement to get all land built on.”

Similarly, Paul Hanrahan said: “A criminal act has taken place here and no elected official will do anything about it... Tells you everything you need to know”

Mark Pulleyn said: “Truthfully, did anyone actually believe that there would be any other outcome? House builders/developers waving a nice cheque and using any means necessary to get their way,” 

Janet Cole said: “When Penhill was built they promised all sorts of amenities including a cinema. Perhaps they should be put in place.”

Martin Smith said: “How did Swindon Borough Council expect a spectator sport to survive there when they grant planning permission for its car park to have houses built on it stopping spectators from attending!?”

Bernard Cooney said: “Shame on Swindon Borough Council for letting this happen. It’s down to them for being so weak.”

Leo Godwin, said:  “The death of Blunsdon stadium was made years ago when housing development started around the stadium. It should not come as any surprise. Housing development money talks.”

Jackie Todd said: “Planners always get their way in the end. The old A419 road going down to Tadpole Garden Village was supposed to be closed when the landfill site was full, or so we got told, and now it’s left open. The road is bloody awful now and very busy!!”

Garry said: “What does Swindon Borough Council actually bring to this town? No Oasis, no speedway/greyhounds, awful town centre, run-down Link Centre, one new office block built in 30 years...

"Why on earth would anybody want to come here? Nothing here to attract anyone!”

Julie Parker said: “Surprise surprise. No one saw that coming. Where is all the fight gone? All the fans that went there for years. It’s ruined people’s entertainment.

"I don’t know what you can do but didn’t people say they are going to fight for it.”

Alan Wilson said: “A really, really sad day for the town of Swindon. How on earth has this been allowed to happen?” and

Sarah Jackson said: "This is absolutely awful and a disgrace. Broken promises.”

David Scott said: “Well, it was always doomed with Taylor Wimpy as partners, never heard of them doing greyhound or speedway.

“Yet again, council after money, houses brings in taxes.”

Taylor Wimpey and Gaming International are currently being investigated by Swindon Borough Council for potential breaches of the planning requirements imposed when the housing development was given planning permission. 

The two organisations, who are in partnership for the houses, deny any wrongdoing. 

Swindon Borough Council says it is seeking legal advice.