At Colebrook Infant Academy the most important aim is ensuring all the pupils enjoy learning while preparing for the next stage of their education.

Earlier this year, the school was given a ‘good’ rating by Ofsted following inspection, justifying this approach to learning.

The report stated: “Children make good progress from the moment they enter school” and “by the end of Year 2 their attainment in reading, writing and mathematics is above average”.

Headteacher Linda Rankin said by ensuring all the pupils look forward to coming into the classroom, as well as working with others, every pupil gets a good education.

She said: “We want our children to have unforgettable learning experiences, full of wonder, discovery and exploration. We believe learning is a continuous process, which involves acquiring knowledge, skills and concepts and developing positive and worthwhile attitudes.

“We promote an active partnership in the learning process between pupils, parents, staff, governors and groups within the wider community, including Colebrook Junior School.”

The school also understands that every child is different and works to their strengths to improve their weaknesses.

Linda said: “We are committed to providing a safe, well-ordered and stimulating quality environment.

“We believe every child should have the chance to achieve their full potential whether it is intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually, regardless of gender, culture or disability.

“Each child will be encouraged to develop a passion to learn and the ability to put knowledge to work, a sense of pride in self, work, school and environment.”

A host of afterschool clubs are put on, ranging from French to chess.

Every morning there is also a breakfast club to help give the children the perfect start to the day.

The school also benefits from a large outdoor area, which will aid the children’s learning.

Colebrook Infant Academy
Address: Towcester Road, SN3 4AS
Tel: 01793 331960
Headteacher: Linda Rankin
Chair of Governors: Maggie Watts
Uniform: Blue sweatshirt
School Formed: 1975