WHILE teaching pupils what they need for the next level of their education is clearly important, at Tregoze Primary School so is ensuring that they grow into responsible world citizens.

The school offers an exciting curriculum for children so they all look forward to coming to learn but are also challenged to reach their best.

Overall, Tregoze works to make sure every one of its children is prepared for the next stage of their education.

Headteacher Helen Tudor said: “At Tregoze we aim to inspire children to become lifelong learners through an exciting curriculum that motivates and challenges them to do their best and reach their full potential.

“We aim to give them all the tools necessary to understand who they are as a person and what they want from life. Our vision is to ensure that ‘Everybody at Tregoze has the Opportunity to Succeed’.”

“We have extremely high expectations at Tregoze of the children and also this is what they can expect from all the staff working here.

“We are proud that children move on from our school with confidence and a love of learning, and they are well prepared for secondary school.”

One of the keys to the school’s success is working with parents so teachers can establish what each child needs to flourish.

Tregoze Primary also benefits from being part of the White Horse Federation, a group of schools in Swindon. It works with these schools and is able to draw on the extra resources to provide a more rounded education.

Outside of the classroom there are a number of clubs which children can join to either enhance their education or simply prepare them for the day ahead, such as the breakfast club.

There are also the Friday afternoon clubs, which give pupils the opportunity to learn a variety of craft and cooking skills.

Healthy living is also important and the school recently launched its Five Minute Walk Zone, which aims to encourage children to walk the last part of their journey.

To promote the scheme, a number of travel ambassadors from among the pupil body who are all passionate about walking to school.

Tregoze Primary School

Address: Sleaford Close, Grange Park, SN5 6JU

Website: www.tregozeprimaryschool.org.uk

Phone Number: 01793 876800

Email: admin@tregoze-pri.swindon.sch.uk

Headteacher: Helen Tudor

Uniform: Bottle green sweatshirt

School formed: 1991