WILTSHIRE councillors' allowances are set to go up after they voted to give themselves a rise at a full council meeting on Tuesday.

Only one councillor voted against the decision and one other abstained when a vote was taken to agree a recommendation put forward by an independent panel.

Baroness Scott said it was a very good recommendation while Lib Dem leader Cllr Thorn, who will get the biggest rise of anyone, said he had argued for an increase for the opposition, adding: "A good local authority is one that's effectively challenged."

Independent councillor Chris Devine said the sensible increase would reward hard work. He said: "When you are on the planning committee we are there for four hours and we don't even get tea and biscuits for the trouble," he said.

He added that an allowance was a huge incentive for young people who wanted to become councillors but would have to take time off work, unpaid, to do so.

Cllr Thorn's allowance will rise from £1,500 a year to £6,000 and the money will be backdated to May 8. Cllr Scott will also see her allowance rise from £3,900 to £8,000.

A report for councillors said the total amount the council would pay out to all members would be £1.864 million, up £17,000.

The allowance of £12,811.80 paid to all members would rise by one per cent, in line with the pay of council staff.

Only Conservative councillor for Trowbridge Graham Payne voted against the plan and he asked for his vote to be recorded.