Dear all, .

Apologies for the late post but I've got a major deadline with work and totally forgot - thanks to Andy for the reminder….NO waffle just questions! :-) .

Questions for Walsall v Swindon: (Entries Close 2.00pm Saturday).


1) Correct Score.

2) Total Attendance.

3) First Swindon Goalscorer AND Time of the goal.

4) Number of Corners.

5) Time of LAST!!! Substitute (either team by the way)…NOT 1st Sub any more INCLUDES EXTRA-TIME (up to 120mins - an extra 2 bonus points if you predict a sub in extra time and match goes to extra time regardless if you're correct or not).


Match Bonus Questions:.

A) Time of the last goal - both teams.


B) What % possession?


C) What position will Swindon occupy after Saturday's games?.



COME ONNNNN UUU REDSSSS…Lets get back on the away-day trail and get a BIG win!!!!


Cheers all - SAPFanSTFC."