THE EXECUTORS of Nigel Eady’s will have revealed the money left by the lifelong Swindon Town supporter is now available for use by the club.

However fans should not expect the sum, thought to be in the region of £2 million and known to be ring-fenced for a long-term project to be approved by Mr Eady’s solicitors, to be released imminently.

The executors of Mr Eady’s will have spent the last few years selling the assets left by the farmer from his estate in Hanney. The process of turning those assets into cash has taken time as the executors have sought to maximise the sales of land by including planning permission.

In a statement released by the executors they said: “Nigel Eady, a lifelong Town fan, died in January 2012 leaving a considerable legacy to the football club, but with certain conditions.

“The executors of his will have spent the past three and a half years disposing of his assets in order that this legacy can be used in such a way that his wishes can be carried out.

“During this time meetings have been held with the owners of the club and they are aware of the situation.

“The executors are now in a position to take this matter forward and are holding meetings with Lee Power and Sangita Shah to see if there is a project that is compatible with Nigel’s wishes.

“When a suitable project has been earmarked and there is further information that can be passed on then we will do so, in the mean time we would request that supporters understand this is not something that can be done quickly.

“The project must be for the long term good of the club and until this criteria is met the executors will not agree to this money being spent.”

The money left by Mr Eady has been linked with use on the new training ground, which is thought to fit the criteria for release, but other uses have been discussed.

With the money only to be made available for long-term benefits to Town it could not be used to top-up the player budget or in the transfer market.

Eady’s executors have also met with the Swindon Town Supporters’ Trust about use of the money, but any decision on them using it would be dependent on ratification from the club itself.

Previous owners and chairman have met with the executors to discuss using the legacy, but without money from all of the assets being available nothing concrete was ever agreed.

There is no stipulation which says the money must be used in one lump sum, leaving open the possibility the legacy could fund a number of projects.

Swindon Town were approached for a comment but declined to offer one.