SWINDON Town are on the road again and it is the fixture which pitches STFC against STFC.

I know which one I’m rooting for. The original one. Founded seven years prior to The Shrews, we are the one, the only STFC.

Trivia aside, Town, I mean Swindon, need the win more than ever. After that mid-week disaster against Northampton, we are hovering dangerously over the relegation zone. A Shrews win and they would jump over us, sucking us further into the mire.

Yet, be positive, we are only 10 points off the top spot. A run of good results and we would start to climb the table to relative safety and then, who knows.

We must start positive and please, please, please, don’t give away silly goals to the opposition.

Nearly every game of late we get punished for sloppy defending, that sloppy pass or caught on the ball. All resulting in a gift to the opposition striker to bury the ball in the back of the net.

I am not advocating that we play hoof ball, heaven forbid, but sometimes a hefty whack up field is just what’s needed, plain and simple. Danger avoided.

The Questions

Q1. Correct full time score

Q2. Attendance

Q3. 1st STFC goal scorer and time

Q4. Number of corners

Q5. STFC percentage of possession

Q6. Time of last STFC sub

Q7. Number of away fans

Q8. Number of yellow cards in the game

ALL ENTRIES IN BY 2pm Saturday, October 1.

Good luck to the Town and good luck to you all.