SWINDON Robins team manager Alun Rossiter was left seething after a series of controversial refereeing decision restricted his side’s progress against Leicester Lions at Beaumont Park tonight.

While the Robins earned a consolation bonus point after losing 48-42 – enough to put them top of the table after Wolverhampton lost by eight points at Somerset – Rossiter believes his side were robbed of a win.

The first incident saw Hans Andersen receive just a warning after he crossed the centre green following the stoppage of heat 11.

Under the rules, Andersen’s move should’ve resulted in the Dane being excluded. However he was only issued a warning.

Two heats later, Andersen clashed with Polish racer Tobiasz Musielak entering turn three of lap one during a crucial heat 13.

Musielak was excluded, though Rossiter argued Andersen was the cause of the stoppage after his dirt deflector touched the Pole’s front wheel.

A further decision in heat 15, which saw Lions’ Krystian Pieszcek excluded after he was hit by Andersen while the home side held a 5-1, also frustrated Rossiter.

He said: “It’s not a case of sour grapes, Leicester deserved to win.

“But I am annoyed with the referee. He’s a trainee but has a world class referee in Craig Ackroyd alongside him.

“To allow the decisions he allowed tonight is absolutely outrageous.

“The same referee excluded Tobiasz (Musielak) at King’s Lynn – the race got stopped, Tobiasz went back to the pits via the inside part of the track and got excluded.

“Hans Andersen did exactly the same for Leicester tonight, but he got a warning. The rules state you’re not allowed on the infield. That was really poor.

“And when Hans later divebombed Tobiasz and took his front wheel away and he excluded Tobiasz. And Han got away with it in heat 15 when he nailed his own rider.”

While Swindon’s efforts were enough to see them go top of the Premiership table, Rossiter admitted he must see more from French racer David Bellego – who struggled and picked up just one point.

Robins’ cause also wasn’t helped by the withdrawal of Jack Smith, who crashed out of heat two after suffering a puncture while leading a Robins 5-1.

Rossiter said: “I’m a bit disappointed in David Bellego’s performance tonight. He should be doing a lot better than that.

“Zach (Wajtknecht) had an excellent meeting, Troy (Batchelor) rode well, Tobiasz did well as did Adam (Ellis) but poor Jack Smith was out from the start.

“He made the start in his race and got a puncture, we were on a 5-1 at the time and in the re-run it went the other way.”

Swindon are back in action at home tonight (7.30pm) against Rye House Rockets in another Premiership encounter.

Despite beating the Rockets comfortably on home shale last time, Rossiter admits a tougher challenge awaits his men this evening.

“It will be a different game against Rye House, they’re riding well at the moment,” he said.

“But we got a point against Leicester, it should’ve been more I feel. We were robbed, simple as that.”