I WAS fortunate enough to make the trip to France at the weekend to again represent Team GB in the World Team Longtrack Final.

The event was a positive one for myself, and a good meeting to be part of. We finished second behind France which is a positive result for Great Britain.

Congratulations to my Robins team mate David Bellego on the win, it was deserved.

The track raced well, though I would’ve liked a few more points for myself but that couldn’t quite happen.

Looking forward, tonight could be our biggest meeting of the season at the Abbey when we host Mark Lemon’s Belle Vue Aces.

As I write, I’m unaware of the play-off situation – though we needed Somerset to do ourselves a favour against Belle Vue Aces at the National Speedway Stadium last night if our play-off hopes are to stay alive.

Reflecting on this year in general, it’s been a good one for the supporters. The league has been so close with all teams defeating each other.

Tuesday night’s loss for King’s Lynn at Somerset underlines that, I don’t think anyone expected Somerset to run away with it like they did.

In previous years, people have had a general idea of what teams are going to feature in the final – or perhaps even those that will win.

But I don’t think anyone can predict who is going to win the league this year.

Every meeting this season we don’t really know what to expect – again, that’s good for the fans and the league.

I have enjoyed my time at Swindon this season, it’s been a good year for me.

What’s been especially pleasing is I’ve managed to avoid any serious knocks following a frustrating period on the side last season.

I wanted to finish the season in October last year, but that just didn’t happen.

Being able to help the team out this year has been good, I’m happy with how things are going at the moment.

I can’t really think about the season ending though as there are still plenty of meetings with Lakeside, the prospect of Robins making the play-offs and our Knockout Cup semi-final against King’s Lynn.

Being busy is a positive.