SWINDON trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick says light-heavyweight Sam ‘Sniper’ Smith is ready to box clever in this week’s Ultimate Boxxer competition.

The contest, which takes place at the O2 Arena in London on Friday, sees eight fighters go head-to-head in a knockout competition, with the overall winner taking home £50,000

Smith will come up against Shakan Pitters in the opening fight of the competition and Fitzpatrick believes his man is ready for the challenge.

“I realised that come January, we will have been together for four years. That is close enough a career wise in the amateurs,” said the Ferndale Road-based trainer.

“That is what the contest is about. I expect there will be a lot of men in there thinking they have to get all their work done as soon as the bell goes because they have only got three rounds.

“Whoever chooses to do that, they need to impose themselves on someone who might opt to box more. Either way, I’d expect fireworks.

“It doesn’t have to be three rounds of fireworks. I think it is exciting and for Sniper to get an opportunity like this is really great.”

Not only will the competition take place at a packed O2 Arena, it is also being televised on Channel 5 as well as being streamed live on Youtube.

Smith, who has a record of 5-1, is in with a range of fighters who have varying levels of experience in the ring.

However, Fitzpatrick says the Swindon-based boxer is well prepared for the various opponents he may face and says the contest is wide open.

"I’m excited for Sniper. He has taken a lot from his defeat to Kirk Garvey and I think this competition is anyone’s to win,” added Fitzpatrick.

“There is one guy in there who has had two fights, Sam has had five and some of them have had 18, but any man can win this.

“It’s over three rounds and it depends on how you play those rounds out. It’s a quick game of chess, it’s exciting and it is a great opportunity for everyone involved.

“Sam is really happy and we are just looking forward to it. He is good to go, he’s nice and relaxed.”