LAST weekend's back-to-back wins against Basingstoke Bison and Peterborough Phantoms proved we can beat any team in this division.

Those two sides finished as the top two in the table last season, so it was a really good weekend for us.

We'd had tough battle against Basingstoke in their own building the week before, so it was good to get the win against them.

Then going to Peterborough after wards – that is always such a tough place to play.

But we went there and played one of our best games all season.

They’re one hell of a team and are well-coached. We put in a performance that proves we can beat anyone.

It’s massively important now that we use the two wins at the weekend to our advantage and keep the ball rolling.

We want to keep motivation levels in the locker room high. When things are going well, you’ve got to make sure it continues.

We’ve got to keep on working hard and train to a strong level. We want to keep that consistency and high level as a constant.

I know it’s tough to do that all season because of the busy schedule, but with the players that we have, I believe it’s possible.

Powerplays and penalty kills can make a big difference in a game. We never want to be killing penalties in an ideal world.

We stayed out of trouble on Saturday against Basingstoke when things started kicking off. We’ve got a tough team this year – we’re strong, tough and big.

And I think we can be quite intimidating to other teams. So when games get physical, we are more than capable of getting through it and looking after ourselves.

Discipline in the modern game is massive, and it’s good to see that guys are staying out of the penalty box and we can start to push on powerplays instead.

It can be tricky, you want to police the game yourselves.

But that is what referees are there for. We’ve got new rules this year and have bigger bans on poor play.

Players are starting to take those bans quite seriously because a few have been dished out already.

It can have a negative impact on a team when players are missing for six or so games.

We need to be tough as a team and stick up for each other, but within reason.