SUPPORTERS’ Trust chairman Steve Mytton has said the joint purchase of the County Ground freehold from Swindon Borough Council with Swindon Town Football Club could open doors to a series of fan requests – including the construction of statues.

Many fans have called for statues of Town’s ’69 heroes to be put in place outside the ground, in honour of the club’s greatest achievement as they downed Arsenal 3-1 at Wembley Stadium.

A covenant will still remain on the entire County Ground site, and leader of Swindon Borough Council - Cllr David Renard - said proposed developments will go through the usual planning department.

“I’m a big advocate of the statue, I’d love to see a statue of the 1969 legends here,” said Mytton.

“I think all of this is a precursor to this stuff happening.

“I love the County Ground, I came here as a seven-year-old and 40 years on I am still coming here.

“This place has a lot of good memories for me. I’d hate to see another soulless building pitched up on the edge of town.

“It’s really important to be at the heart of the community. There are great possibilities with this arrangement.”

The option of community shares will also be available for supporters, with the Trust’s chairman adding that he wants every Swindon Town fan to be involved in the new scheme.

An annual general meeting will be held at the MECA next Friday, March 15, where fans will be able to ask questions to the Trust’s board about the developments.

Mytton added: “The Supporters’ Trust is the vehicle for issuing community shares, we want every Swindon Town supporter to get involved in that.

“We’ll make sure it’s possible for that to happen.

“We’ll be discussing this more (pricing) at our annual general meeting– getting feedback from supporters. But we want to make it affordable and get the price down as low as we can.”

The joint purchase has also matched the Trust’s ‘Let’s Work Together’ vision – which was outlined at last year’s annual general meeting.

Mytton said: “The real challenge has been that there is no way of developing the stadium under the current arrangements.

“Four years ago, we spoke to Cllr David (Renard) about the possibility (of purchase). It was myself and Mike Welsh (former Trust vice-chairman) - we talked about how can we make this work.

“That evolved over the years to a joint-bid, which I believe to be the best outcome for everyone.

“It’s a true working together situation, and we talked about that at our AGM two years ago – ‘let’s work together’.

“The fans, club, council and media, hopefully this is happening.”