SWINDON Robins claimed a first top tier cup in their history after a 56-34 second-leg result ensured they coasted to an aggregate victory of 97-83 in the SGB Premiership Supporters’ Cup final.

While the meeting remained tight for so long - Belle Vue actually led on aggregate as late as heat 11 - that was to be as good as it got for Mark Lemon’s Aces.

Four consecutive 5-1s at the culmination of the second leg ensured Alun Rossiter’s septet tasted cup glory ahead of their play-off quest in the SGB Premiership. 

Swindon made the ideal start when Doyle, who moved ever-so-slightly early at the gate, made a flier once the tapes rose, leaving Adam Ellis to sweep around the outside of Steve Worrall on the second lap to make it an opening-heat 4-2 for Rossiter's boys.

Things got even better in the second after a sensational start from both Robins reserves, however, a rut on the first-second bend almost caused havoc as both Perks and Vissing lifted on the final lap before regaining their composure to take the 5-1.

But as quickly as it looked to be going the Robins' way, the Aces hit straight back.

Initial problems with his own bike forced Rasmus Jensen to take Troy Batchelor's out on track, but the Dane never looked comfortable on alternate machinery and after Musielak retired, the Aces cruised to a 5-1 to cut the gap back down to six once again.

In heat four, Batchelor was beaten out of the gate by Jye Etheridge, but it only took the Robins man a lap to regain the lead.

Meanwhile, Perks got into difficulty a couple of times throughout the race, yet still managed to hold off Bewley at the back.

Max Fricke took a dominant win in the fifth while the home riders filled the minor placings before heat six saw the aggregate score draw level.

Doyle and Ellis jumped out of the gate together and Swindon's number two successfully held off the attentions of Dan Bewley in third for a big 5-1.

The Robins stretched their aggregate lead to two points in heat seven once Batchelor hit the front out of the gate.

The Australian appeared to be cruising to a heat win before looking down at his machinery on the final lap.

He nursed the bike home though and it was a valuable 4-2 thanks to the efforts of Ellis Perks on the opening lap, slicing between the two Aces to nick a point for his team.

Heat eight saw a three-way battle between the front trio of racers that, while the heat never saw a pass, threatened to end with any combination of finishes.

But in the end, neither Worrall or Vissing could quite muster the speed to pass the man in front and Adam Ellis headed up a 4-2 for the home side.

Heat nine, 10 and 11 produced a mini-fightback from the Aces that denied the home side a race advantage.

Nine ended in a 4-2 to Belle Vue, but it could have been so much better had Etheridge not slipped wide on the very last corner, allowing Jensen, who to his credit had not given up, to dive up the inside and take second.

A shared heat in the 10th preceded a rotten bit of luck for Batchelor in 11 after he passed the Aces skipper, Max Fricke before closing in on Steve Worrall.

However, on the final lap, the Australian Robin lost control of his bike on turn one-two and got wildly out of shape, allowing Fricke to come through for a 5-1 that presented the visitors with the aggregate lead once again.

A super start from both Robins was nearly undone after Bjerre nipped past Jensen on the opening lap, only for the Swindon man to cut back down the inside and re-take second.

Yet, it was from heats 12 and 13 where the Robins took any nerves and dumped them straight in the bin thanks to consecutive 5-1s.

First, it was Doyle and Jensen who took a relatively comfortable heat advantage once Jensen had dealt with the attentions of Bjerre on the opening lap before Batchelor and Musielak had no such problems in the next, dispatching Fricke and Lidsey to create a six-point gap with two heats to go.

And with just a shared heat need to claim the inaugural SGB Premiership Supporters’ Cup, Swindon went two better and made it three 5-1s in a row.

From the gate, Ellis took the race win while Batchelor coasted around behind him to ensure the Robins won the senior cup for the first time in their history.

Musielak and Jensen had the honour of closing out the meeting for the Robins and they did so in fine style, taking a fourth consecutive 5-1 as Swindon produced another late surge to wrap up success in Wiltshire.