SWINDON Town captain Dion Conroy revealed his second serious knee injury in three years might not keep him out of the side for as long as initially feared.

Using his captain’s column in Swindon Town’s programme for the Stevenage fixture, Conroy suggested his ruptured posterior and interior cruciate ligaments might heal faster than first thought, though a potential return to the team this season remains unlikely.

The 23-year-old ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee back in September 2017 and did not return to full fitness for almost a year. But having been through the rehab of a similar injury before, Conroy believes he is in a much better place mentally to be able to come back faster this time around.

“Having gone through a similar-length period on the side lines, it makes it easier to comprehend what I need to do and the mentality I need to have,” he said.

“I don’t think it will be as long, but it all depends on how these first couple of months go.

“It could be shorter than last time, which is what is really motivating me.

“My mindset is completely different to last time – going through it again – my mindset is absolutely positive, and hopefully we can get this knee fixed as soon as possible.”

The Town captain explained how the multiple messages of support since his injury have meant a lot to him and he thanked everyone who got in touch to wish him well.

Now the operation to repair his right knee has taken place, Conroy is determined to take the positives out of a difficult situation.

He said: “It’s obviously gutting personally, and I’m gutted to have to watch from the stands rather than play a part on the pitch.

“The positive is that it’s a different injury to last time on the opposite knee, which is good.

“The operation went as well as it could have. I just need to get cracking on with the rehabilitation now.

“Tom and Katie, our medical team, are very good at what they do. Tom knows he can trust me to do the rehab work on my own, but they are there to support me as well as my own friends and family.”