TWO four-point weekends in a row is pretty good going, but I actually don’t think we’ve been playing as well as we can recently.

It’s always difficult for every team at the start of the year when they first come together. You have new faces, new tactics and sometimes even the league structure changes.

It can be a bit daunting, but by this point in the season, most teams should be fully up and running.

It’s a bit of a strange situation because we can’t be unhappy with ourselves, given how things have gone. Two four-point weekends are huge for us at this point in the season but I certainly think we can be better.

I would say we still have a lot more to give, but hopefully we can start by making those victories a little easier for ourselves.

A lot of our games in recent weeks have been quite close, so we really want to start knuckling down and showing the type of form that we did last season.

That can start this weekend when we host MK Lightning and travel to Basingstoke.

They are two teams that we haven’t played yet this season, and the league is a bit upside down so far this year with everyone beating everyone else.

We have no idea what both teams will be like really, so it will be an interesting weekend for us, but hopefully we can rack up our third four-point weekend in a row to keep us near the top of that table.