SWINDON Robins team manager Alun Rossiter will have to dismantle his 2019 Premiership-winning septet after it was confirmed that the team average would remain at 42.5 at this weeks’ Speedway Great Britain AGM.

The Robins finished as league champions for the second time in three years back in October but with an average of 46.34.

Rossiter and co-promoter Lee Kilby travelled to the annual general meeting with the intention of convincing the other six Premiership teams – which now includes Sheffield instead of Poole – to raise the number of points teams must abide by when assembling their squad.

Though it was dismissed for the upcoming season, teams agreed to table the same idea for next year’s AGM as the proposition was thought to give Swindon an unfair advantage in 2020.

In short, if Swindon were to win the league next season with an average that exceeded 42.5 and were then able to sign the same seven riders once again for the 2021 campaign, the average limit would rise to match their number.

However, if one rider did not sign back for the league champions, the limit would revert back to 42.5.

Rossiter was left disappointed at the news that will now see his popular and successful septet break up, but could at least take solace from the fact the club’s ideas were listened to and the sport was open to the idea of what he views as a positive change.

He said: “It’s not what we wanted, but what can we do?

“I understand the decision, but we wanted to bring the same team back next year.

“It gives everybody else the heads up now that this is potentially what’s going to happen next year.

“The positive for us is that our idea wasn’t immediately dismissed.

“The biggest issue was the other teams were coming in blind, but now they know they have to build a team for the long run.”

Meanwhile, co-promoter Kilby has promised fans that the Robins management team will do everything in their power to repeat one of the club’s most successful seasons in their 70-year history.

Son of Swindon legend, Bob, Lee paid tribute to the impact that fans had on the club’s success and wants to see the feel-good factor surrounding the club continue for years to come.

Kilby said: “We will do our absolute best to get a team back on track that is competitive, that will defend the title, and that will appeal to our fans because our fans were superb last season.

“It was the best feeling we’ve seen around the club in a long time, and the riders said the same.”