TWO classmates from Hazlewood Academy starred at the Wycliff Junior Fencing Open by scooping first and second in the U10s foil category.

Amelia Kerr and Maisie Belle, who only started fencing earlier this year, performed brilliantly at the most recent national open competition – hosted at Wycliffe College, Gloucestershire.

Through the qualifying rounds, Kerr was successful in three of her bouts, while Belle – competing for the first time – won one.

Both youngsters fenced confidently and used a variety of techniques to score hits. When both girls met in the final, a riveting bout commenced as they traded blows.

The first few points were even – Kerr won one before Belle returned the compliment. Crucially, though, Kerr established and then maintained a 9-4 lead at the end of the first period.

A quick hit at the start of the second ended the tie.

Runner-up Belle said: “I really enjoyed my first competition and can’t wait to do more.

“It was great fencing my friend Amelia in the final. She’s really good and we are good friends. We just had to forget that for a short time in our last bout.”

Kerr added: “It’s great fencing and training with Maisie who made some really good hits against me. I know she is going to get better and better.

“This is my third competition, so I think having a little more experience helped me.”

Swindon Fencing Club meets every Tuesday at the Deanery School from 7pm. Children aged eight and above are welcome to attend.