TRAINING at several locations dotted within close proximity of the M4 between Chippenham and Maidenhead hasn’t bothered Jerry Yates, who grabbed the first of Swindon Town’s three goals against Grimsby Town on Saturday afternoon.

Melksham, Reading, Hungerford and even Bisham Abbey have been used as Town’s training base in recent months because of poor weather that has ruled out the possibility of working at Calne’s Beversbrook Sports Facility.

Completing the hour plus drive from Swindon to Bisham Abbey on the odd occasion doesn’t frustrate Yates. If anything, it fills part of his day that he would otherwise have to occupy elsewhere when training more locally to the town he represents.

The 23-year-old is evidently willing to put the hard yards in for results. And that graft certainly paid off when Ian Holloway’s Mariners were beaten 3-1 at the weekend.

Yates said: “Training hasn’t impacted how we’re playing, (even though we’re training at different venues).

“When we train, we’re training at 100 per cent. It’s a lot of hard work.

“On days off, players will go away and do their extras in the gym – everyone is working hard and has that same goal of going up. Moving around is no major issue.

“I don’t mind travelling an extra hour, you’ve got to do something with your day haven’t you.

“And if you want to train properly you have to do these things. It’s been fine.”

Yates notched a typical poachers’ goal to put Swindon ahead against Grimsby in a game that was once again affected by strong winds.

Long balls forward often reached further than their intended target, and it understandably frustrated the Rotherham loan signing who played a key role in Town’s latest victory.

He added: “Conditions were tough, but everyone dealt with it unbelievably well.

“Long may this unbeaten run at home continue. But, whatever the conditions, everyone is turning up and playing their hearts out.

“There were moments the wind frustrated us. We were a bit complacent with our passing game but reacted well in the second half.

“We felt like we were comfortable. There is talent in abundance, not just up front but all over the pitch.

“Everyone knows they have to train well. It’s good competition – healthy competition – it’s even pushing the starting XI.”