THE Swindon Town staff will reveal their training plans for the next three weeks to the players today.

With all Premier League and EFL football suspended until at least April 3 due to the coronavirus outbreak, clubs across the country have had to adjust to life without competitive games.

Town boss Richie Wellens says that is a balancing act, as he looks to keep his squad in the best shape possible for whenever they might return while also making sure they are not afflicted by the coronavirus pandemic themselves.

Wellens and his coaching staff were set to work on that plan – which he hopes will include behind closed doors friendlies to maintain match sharpness – over the weekend, which is expected to be shared with the squad today.

“We’ve got a meeting on Monday and then we’ll let the players know,” said the Town boss.

“We’ll try and work a plan over the weekend to get the balance right between players staying away from each other as much as possible and trying to isolate themselves, but also getting the right amount of training so we don’t fall too far behind.”

On the prospect of private friendlies, Wellens added: “That’s what we’ll discuss over the weekend with Steve Anderson (chief executive) and with the club.

“In that three weeks we will have to have a couple of games; behind closed doors friendlies.

“But then again we have to play the friendlies against the right people and make sure they’re not infected.”

Swindon enter the break in the season second in League Two with just one defeat in their last six games.

While the fixture suspension means Town have had their stride broken, Wellens wants to use the situation to keep minds fresh.

“We’ll try and use it as a positive,” he said. “It’s a mental break that we’ve got so we can switch off for a couple of weeks in terms of match preparation.

“It’s not ideal because we had two postponements in recent weeks against Scunthorpe and Mansfield, then we’ve got this.

“It’s very difficult to get in any kind of rhythm and I think we’re a good team when we are in our rhythm.

“We’ll just deal with it, get on with it, and whatever the authorities say we’ll adhere to that.”

An EFL board meeting is expected to take place this week on what the future might hold for football.

Wellens added: “I imagine there will be a lot of discussions between now and then, then we’ll make a decision on whether we play on that weekend or there’s a further delay.

“What you can’t do is play with people’s health.

“We’ll wait, we’ll manage ourselves in this next two or three weeks and then we’ll see what the decision comes to.”