SWINDON’S Jamie Cox says switching up his coaching team has been a breath of fresh air as he prepares to step back into the ring later this year.

Cox, who has not fought since losing to John Ryder in 2018, was due to make a comeback earlier this year on the undercard of stablemate Lee Selby in Wales.

However, the COVID-19 outbreak saw that plan curtailed, leaving the 34-year-old in limbo about when he would return.

In the meantime, the Swindon southpaw has been keeping himself busy training with Tony Borg in Newport.

Former world champion Selby trains alongside Cox, and the 34-year-old says training alongside the Welshman ensures his standards are high.

“In my career I have been all over the world sparring and Canelo Alvarez is the best boxer I have sparred,” he said.

“But with regards to training, and his (Selby’s) discipline and fitness probably makes him the best I have ever trained with.

“He’s unbelievable, he and he’s an incredible athlete. You could play a game of cards with him and he will not want to lose, with him everything is a competition and that’s what makes him so good.

“To be honest I wish I was surrounded by people like him more often, especially during the early stages of my career.

“He has a different mentality and that’s what you need to be around when you’re in sport.”

Lockdown has been difficult at times for Cox, who had been living alone for the majority as his partner and young daughter returned to their native Finland in the spring.

In recent years Cox has been boxing at super-middleweight but has reiterated his desire to move down to middle-weight, where he believes he will then hold all of the size advantages he lost whilst contesting at 168lbs.

“I know I can perform at middleweight,” said Cox.

“I admit I was a bit too small for super-middleweight, I was eating well and I felt strong but then when I’d get in the ring, these guys would be a lot bigger than me.

“At supper-middleweight all of my opponents weighed more than me, they had bigger frames, longer arms, everything.

“Now I’ll be the big guy at the weight and I’m ready to be involved with the big fights, I have always wanted to face the best people possible.

“I’m not too concerned about opponents (when back at middleweight), my people say the name and that’s who I fight.”