SWINDON’s Jamie Cox says he is aiming to put on a boxing clinic when he faces Jack Cullen at Wembley Arena next month, writes MATT DAVIES.

Cox, who will be returning to the ring on Saturday 14th November, has had a turbulent time as a professional over recent years.

The super-middleweight contest is the latest comeback from Cox, who is looking to move down a weight class to middleweight after the bout.

Talking ahead of the fight, Cox says his family have always been a driving force in his career, and at times he believes the desire to change their life has meant he’s rushed his work at times.

“I’m an aggressive fighter, I always have been. That comes from wanting to better my life and my family’s life,” he said.

“When I’m in a fight and I see a chink in my opponent, I’m not going to be relaxed, I’d go for it because it was life changing for me.

“I think that is where I have gone a bit wrong, I think sometimes I’d rush but when you’re in the fight I find it hard to take my foot off of the gas.

“If I’d see my opponent wobble I’d try and take my chance because I want to get the win and get the money, we could go from eating crisp sandwiches to eating lobster.

“That was my mindset but in sparring I would be different ant I’d be more patient in my approach, but in sparring there is no money on the line.

“Now that I am with Tony Borg down in Newport I’m going to be a bit more patient and use my boxing brain a bit more.

“A lot of people think I’m just a fighter, but I can box and that is what I’m looking to do against Cullen.”

The Commonwealth Games gold medalist’s record as a professional reads as 25-2, with over half of his wins coming by knockout.

His exciting style is something that has seen him win plenty of fans over the years, but again, his he says his family are to thank for his explosive power.

“I’ve always carried power. I was working on construction sites with him when I was 15-years-old and I think it came from that,” he added.

“I was a really dedicated fighter and I trained really hard. I was always aggressive but I didn’t have that power until I started going to work with my dad.

“Then when I was going to amateur championships I’d be knocking my opponents out and I owe that to my old man.”