THIS letter is in response to the fans’ ‘let’s work together’ letter and to clarify my position in relation to the club.

As most of the fans are aware, I have been in a long, protracted legal battle to confirm my 15 per cent share in the club which has now concluded and allows me to state my position more openly than I possibly could have done in the past.

I got involved with the club in 2015, initially as a shirt sponsor, before eventually paying £1.1m to become a 15 per cent shareholder in the club. In addition, I have also loaned money to the club (interest free and unsecured).

During this time, I have been a regular visitor to the County Ground, going to matches more or less every month pre-lockdown over the past few seasons.

I made a formal offer to buy the remaining 85 per cent of the club many weeks ago – in early January 2021 – and am still waiting for a response from Mr Power. The offer I made was substantially in excess of the alleged Able offer and was more attractive in other ways too.

Swindon Advertiser:

Like all the fans and people interested in the welfare of the club, I was really concerned and shocked when I heard Mr Power telling the media that he wasn’t sure how much longer he could continue running and financing the club and that, accordingly, the club is in serious threat of going into administration, with all the very substantial negativity and damage that that would entail.

I do not currently have access to all the current financial information of the club but, from the information that I have obtained, it seems alarming that we are in such a precarious position. I believe significant monies have been received by the club in the last 12 months. For example only:

• Early season ticket sales;

• Furlough monies;

• Jayden Bogle sell-on fees;

• Sale of two academy players to Brighton and Chelsea, respectively;

• Compensation for Richie Wellens;

• Premier League and EFL bail-out monies, including fixed payment and payments for lost gate revenue.

With the playing budget that I believe exists, it is almost inconceivable to me that the club has not made a significant profit over this period but, without having access to the bank accounts and management information, I cannot say for sure.

Over the past few years I have become a massive Swindon Town fan, I’ve loved going to the games home and away. I’ve enjoyed sitting with the fans at many games and I have a real understanding of how important the club is within the community and how much pride the community has in their football club. I therefore fully respect and understand the responsibility which will be placed on me if I take control of the club.

Swindon Advertiser:

Having seen the fans ‘let’s work together’ letter asking for a plan and asking for transparency, I set out below what I will commit to if I gain control of the ownership of the club.

Plan and Commitments from me (Clem Morfuni).

My initial plan is as set out below:

1. Obtain agreement, in principle and subject to contract, to purchase the shares at STFC and immediately carry out appropriate due diligence to ensure we are aware of the debts, financial position and issues facing STFC going forward.

2. Review and seek to resolve debts that STFC has and invest in the club to ensure it has a stable and proper financial footing.

3. Review the football management structure of the club and make appropriate changes to ensure that we can build stability and make improvements to the playing side of the club.

4. Review the commercial management of the club and make appropriate changes to grow commercial revenue which can then be reinvested in STFC.

5. Invest in management staff that will provide regular engagement with our supporters, media, and the local community.

6. Provide quarterly management and financial updates to provide transparency to the Trust on the financial position and performance of STFC.

7. Commence monthly meetings with representatives from the Trust, STFC and Swindon Town Official Supporters Club. Minutes of these meetings will be circulated and kept as a record to measure future performance against stated aims and goals.

8. Restart the plans with supporters to purchase the County Ground from Swindon Borough Council.

9. Set out plans for staged improvements and developments at the County Ground so that it is a multi-purpose high quality stadium fit for purpose for the 21st Century.

10. To prepare and file full annual accounts regularly and on time (audited where required).

11. To answer all questions from all local media outlets and never seek to censor or avoid proper questions.

My commitments to supporters and the wider community of Swindon and surrounding areas:

1. I will always be open and transparent on all matters in regard to STFC.

2. I will provide regular engagement and communication with the supporters and the wider community of Swindon and surrounding areas.

3. I will build a sustainable future for STFC, investing in the infrastructure of the club with the aim to take it forwards to being a stable Championship club.

4. I will build a sensible structure and present a one, three, five and 10 year plan that will aim to carry and develop STFC into the future.

5. Further to all of the above, I will not take a salary or any personal fee payments from the club for the time I own a controlling interest in the club.

I have a clear vision on how we can stabilise the club, and implement strategic plans which will strengthen the club and ensure ongoing success for many generations to come. My companies and I also have more than adequate resources to follow such plans and support the club meaningfully and properly.

Yours faithfully

Clem Morfuni