SWINDON Wildcats have formally named player-coach Aaron Nell as the club's new general manager.

Nell has been fulfilling the job's duties for a number of years alongside father Steve, but will now take full responsibility for the club's on-ice operations.

Reacting to the official announcement, Nell junior said: "“I’m thrilled to be confirmed as the GM of the Swindon Wildcats alongside my role as player/coach.

"I will do all I can to continue building a hockey team Swindon can be proud of and I hope for nothing more than getting the fans back in the building later this year.

"I know there are plenty of exciting announcements in the pipeline this summer and I know you’ll be as excited as we are in the coming days and weeks.”

As a result of the appointment, Steve Nell will take up the job of managing director and will oversee all non-hockey aspects of the business.

The Wildcats say Nell senior's role will also include working with the NIHL National Owners Group to further develop the sport in this country off the back of a successful Streaming Series and Spring Cup.

Speaking about handing the on-ice reigns over to his son Aaron, Steve said: "This is more of a confirmation of roles rather than a big change in how we are operating.

"Aaron has already been doing so much of the GM role successfully over the last few years and I have no doubt he’ll continue to put together a product on the ice all Swindon Ice Hockey fans can be proud of.

"I’m looking forward to focusing on the business side of the organisation as well as working closely with the other nine teams to build on the successes of the Streaming Series and the Spring Cup.

"We’re all trying to navigate our way through the pandemic and the more we work as one, the easier this will be."